Double Magic Online Slot: Double Magic for Double Fun

  • Reels:3
  • Jackpot:1600

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  • Site Name:Tropezia Palace Casino
  • Bonus:100

The Double Magic online slot is an activity that's made pretty self-explanatory by its title. The theme is magic, and there are 3 reels in this enchanting gambling experience.


The game is fairly straightforward, as far as slots goes. The jackpot prize is 1,600 coins with a second best value of 800 - pretty good winnings, considering the maximum wager that can be made is 2 coins. Naturally, it is necessary to be betting 2 coins to win the highest jackpot. Besides this, the most appealing feature is likely the wild symbol, which acts as a substitute for any other symbol that would otherwise complete a winning combination. The graphics are both modern and likeable, completing the magical theme and making this a more exciting experience.

Final Thoughts

The Double Magic online slot makes a great addition to the already extensive list of themed slots managed by Microgaming. This one is relatively simple, being set apart by its fun theme and wild symbol. Despite the simplicity, it is still a fun game that is likely to take up the time of anyone who enjoys the activity, particularly the casual players who are just looking for a fun - and hopefully fairly lucrative - pastime.